Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Abomination

Quite often, friends will send me a picture of something knitted or crocheted that they've found on Pinterest. Then they ask if I can make it for them. Usually I can round up a pattern that is pretty close and everyone's happy.

Not too long ago I received these pictures:

My friend wanted a set like this for her granddaughter, who will be born this spring. 

Now, this presents me with a moral dilemma.  I am and always will be a Mississippi State Bulldog fan.  My favorite teams are MS State and whoever is playing Alabama!  It's a good thing that little crocheted elephants are cute. However, when Mr. H saw what I was doing, he kept asking how long that abomination was going to be in his house.  

And it took longer than I was expecting to get it done.  It seems that every pattern I could find for diaper covers was for a larger baby than newborn.   I have a little book I found in WalMart, but the result was much too big and not quite the shape I was after.

In the end, I wound up with 3 diaper covers. I had a hard time getting it small enough. Finally, on the 3rd try I succeeded in getting it small and with a nice shape.

I like the way this last one is a bit narrower in the front than in the back. And I like the 2 buttons rather than 1 in the center. This was an interpretation of a youtube video.  I took notes as I worked and have typed them out here.

After a bit of trial and error, I came up with a plan for the elephant, as well.  Those instructions are here.

Finally, I found a pattern for these cute little shoes.  I changed it a bit to make them small enough. It only took 2 rounds instead of 3 to make the sole 9 cm long. That meant I had to adjust the numbers on the top to match. The elephant was much to big to add to this little shoe, so the bow was perfect
All in all, I like the set.  And Mr. H will recover from having the abomination in his house.