Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Funeral Lunch

There is a funeral lunch going on in our fellowship hall. I think this is something that only rural churches do on a regular basis any more. The gentleman whose family is gathering was not a member of our church (to my knowledge). And our ladies still prepared and served the best that country cooks can offer: ham, potato salad, assorted peas and beans, corn and casseroles and desserts galore.

Working here at the church, this is something that I take for granted. I remember when my father died, someone brought a loaf of bread and a tray of deli meat to my mom's house. I understand that it's the thought that counts. Someone did think of us. But the time and care that I see these ladies pour into these efforts astounds me. And it's not that they don't work and have more time to prepare. Most of the dishes were dropped off this morning before these ladies went to work at their jobs.

I am so glad that some old traditions are still kept alive in places like Agricola. The world will be a much colder place when we stop helping with our own hands.


  1. Us Baptists can cook now. Or is it..."We Baptists"?

  2. Man I love church eatings!!! I got to admit it is the only thing I enjoy about a funeral.

  3. Dear Mrs. T.,
    A couple years back, I shared this on my blog, and now I am putting together a book of posts. Please email me, as I would love to include this in the book. patrick@dailyundertaker.com
    Thank you!