Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Construction Techniques

The roof is all in on the back of the building. They've even started on the front. And check out the windows.

Now, here's a different section of roof, complete with colorful shingles. My girls are working on a gingerbread house, made from actual gingerbread this time! (last year's was chip-less chocolate chip cookie!) Our eldest daughter discovered that cutting out the house sections before baking made for neater (crumb-less) construction. And baking certain decorations into the gingerbread precludes the need to cement them on later with icing.

You can see where a doorway has been cut into wall of one of the sections peeking out of the stack above. The windows have been cut out, too, I think!

▼Stack of building materials covered by a section of roof.▲
The front of the new building is beginning to take shape now.

I'll have to take pictures of the gingerbread house when it takes shape.

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