Wednesday, March 10, 2010


There is such a sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something. And the degree of satisfaction is proportional to the involvement in the creative process.

I finished a scarf this week. It's not the first thing I've knitted, but it's definitely the best. I like the color, which I found on a clearance table (added bonus!) I like the feel of it. But mostly I like it because I designed it. I picked the needles to make it the size I wanted. I made it exactly as long and as wide as I wanted.

And when I was finished with the knitting part and it still needed a little 'something extra', I searched the web for a crocheted edging I liked. I had to figure out how to space the crochet stitches with the knitted rows. It took thought and planning, but I stuck with it. Am I pleased with the result? You bet! Even though it was not cold yesterday, I wore it anyway. I picked out something to wear that would go with it.

When the Father created us, He made us in His image. First and foremost, He is the Creator. We all have some of that. It's not always manifested in forming something with our hands. Sometimes it's creating something to hear from dots on a page. Sometimes it's creating pictures in the minds of others using words. It might be creating order out of chaos using computer code.

Find your creativity. It's there. Then you'll have an idea of how the Creator feels about you. He made you. He picked the color of your skin, your eyes, your hair. He made you the size He wanted. And He wants to show you off as His. He wants you to wear His tag: God's Child.

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