Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scenes from the Inside

There's only so much you can tell from the outside of the new building anymore.  It pretty much looks done from there.  Right now the real excitement is on the inside.

There is color on the walls of the east side rooms.  
Here's a view of the green room.  You can see the overhead lighting is in, too.

And here's a blue room, complete with matching wheelbarrow!

This is a double green room.  It will have a retractable wall 
(you can see the track on the ceiling just left of the bump out of the wall.)

And the orange room.

This is one side of the kitchen.....
.....and this is the other side with the pass through window.

It is impossible to give you an idea of the scale of this room.  It is enormous!  
The children will use this room for large group worship on Sunday mornings,
and it's the new home of KidStuf.

This is just getting started.  It's the upstairs for the youth and recently-no-longer youth.
Looks rather dark and scary now....
but it won't be long before it's the home away from home for a bunch of people.

These guys have done a tremendous job.....and can walk on stilts, too!

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