Friday, October 29, 2010

His Presence

This morning, I read Psalm 26, where I found this in verse 8:  I love your sanctuary, Lord, the place where Your glorious presence dwells.

It reminds me that "the sanctuary" or the temple is no longer a fixed point of architecture.  Today that sanctuary is where ever the believer is.  WE are the sanctuary.  WE are where the Spirit of the Lord dwells.

A few weeks ago, a team from our church went to Peru.  On that Wednesday night, the team in Peru and the church in Agricola had a Skype conversation.  We were able to see and hear each other and ask questions and get a feel for what they were doing.  I remember Mark saying that the place felt cold, not from the temperature, but from the spiritual darkness.  The message of Christ had never been there.

Last weekend was Praise in the Park in Lucedale.  Mr. H and I took our beach chairs and found a place on the hill.  As I looked out on the crowd, I recalled what Mark had said and realized that this was just the opposite.  These thousands had come with one purpose and that was to Praise the Lord.  The presence of His Spirit was tangible.  It made you look around, expecting to catch a glimpse of His back.

That's what happens when people who love the Lord come together.   Our churches should feel the same way.  There should be that expectation of' something wonderful is going to happen!'   It's up to us as the sanctuary to lead the way.

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