Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Good Stuff

We have started serving Wednesday Night suppers at our church.  It's a great time to see and talk to friends that we just don't have time to on Sunday morning.

Last night, as I was sitting with Mr. H and another couple, I looked across the fellowship hall toward my office door and noticed a small child standing there.  He wanted in my office.  He tried the door knob.  No luck.  Maybe it was just stuck.  He tried harder.  He dug in with his legs and put all he had into the effort to open that door.  After several minutes, I saw him turn away and head down the hallway towards the children's library.  I figured he had given up and joined some other children in there to color or look at books. 


He came back out within seconds armed with a bright yellow chair!  Granted, it was a small chair: lightweight and not very sturdy; but still, a chair!  He carried the chair back up the hallway and began to beat the door with it.  I looked over at the child's dad to see if he was watching.  He was!  We both saw the hilarity of the situation and burst out laughing!  Then the child, still toting the chair, approached his father with a request:  Open that door for me, please.

That child wanted something.  He knew exactly what he wanted and he knew where it was.  It was good stuff.  It was worth the effort it took to try to get it.

How much effort are you willing to exert to get (or keep) the good stuff in your life?  Is your marriage worth the effort?  Is your relationship with your children worth the effort? How about the respect of your co-workers and neighbors?

You know what the good stuff is.  I bet you know where the tools are to get it, too.  Are you willing to go for it?

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