Friday, October 21, 2011


Stars gleamed up above.
Moonlight pierced the dark branches
Casting down moonlace.

Sometimes when we take our early morning walk, we talk...
...and there is no limit to the subject matter: weddings, painting cars, birthday parties, traffic, family members...
...and sometimes we don't.

When we don't talk, I'm writing in my head.  I'm playing with words to convey exactly what is surrounding me as we walk along.  And since it's really dark at 5 a.m., the sky is very nearly all I can see.

When I first joined Mr. H and the Eldest on the morning walk, Orion was in the eastern sky as we left the house.  Now he is slightly west of overhead.

I am very aware of the phase of the moon. A waxing moon will have already set before we start out.  A waning moon will light our path, but lose a bit of its power every day until it fades completely for a while.

Last week the moonlace was conspicuous under our feet.  Now it is dissolving with the moonlight.

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