Friday, January 13, 2012

A Post about Nothing at All

There are times that something happens and I think to myself, "Oh! I should write about that." And then I consider which of my daughters might take offense, and either decide it's worth the risk or it's not.

But sometimes, like now, when our family is in the middle of wedding planning (which seems to be all-consuming, in either thought or deed) that there needs to be a down-time, a time of doing nothing.

So, here it is.

At the grocery store this week, I spotted a box of loose tea.  Nothing fancy:  Lipton tea, not in bags.  I smiled as I placed it in the buggy ("buggy" is for you, RK!)  I knew at least one of my daughters would have the same smile when she saw it in the tea cabinet. (Yes, we have a tea cabinet in our kitchen.)

She found it last night and the box has now been replaced by 2 sealed jars of lovely loose tea.

At the present moment, a heaping spoonful of said lovely loose tea is steeping in a Chinese pot on my kitchen table.  By the time I finish typing this, the tea should be perfect. Then I can drink a cup and do nothing while I enjoy it.

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