Friday, March 16, 2012

Mrs. Jones and the camera

Being a cat person has its challenges.  Cats in general, and Mrs. Jones specifically, don't like having their picture taken.  Maybe it has nothing to do with their images being captured.  Maybe it has everything to do with just being difficult. 

I was learning how to use my camera this morning and since she was right there close by, I decided to use her as my model.  She was not amused.

I think she got bored when I took pictures of the flowers on the kitchen table.

I'm amazed that these flowers are still hanging on.  They were used at the bridal shower for my eldest almost 2 weeks ago.

Since I was not amusing Mrs. Jones, I headed to town.  My first stop was the city park. 

This bridge really jumps out at you.
The tiles on the vertical faces of the amphitheater seating look so bright.  They were designed by the art students in George County schools.

The Depot Greenway is a nice place for photographs, too. 

And I learned that turtles don't like having their pictures taken any more than cats do.

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