Thursday, May 3, 2012

Transporting Teapots

This is a box containing 9 teapots on my kitchen table.  It went to work with me this morning.
Saturday afternoon, the Ladies Ministry of ABC is having a Titus 2 Tea.  Some of the ladies hosting tables don't own teapots.  I, on the other hand, have quite a few!

In addition to the 9 in the box, there are  at least 7 (that I can see, even though those cabinets are dark) up on the shelves.  The tall white pot in the center cabinet was brought home from Japan by Mr. H's father when he was in the Navy many decades ago.  The tall blue set on the end was made by a friend of my Grandmother Louise.  No one else in the family seemed to want it, but I loved the color and style.

In another cabinet, there's even one still in the box. It was my Grandma Nell's.  She was very proud of that particular set of dishes.

And I have 2 tea pots in my office. (and yes, I have a jar full of tea to brew in them in my office, too)

A few weeks ago, I overheard some of the ladies planning the tea party and mentioned that if they needed any teapots to let me know.  Last night at choir practice, one of the ladies in charge asked if I had 7 or 8.  No problem!

Here is the cast of characters:

     The green and brown pot on the left was a gift from my eldest.  She painted it for me last year at a place called Dandy Doodlez in Starkville.
     The white one with the Chinese character is the only pot I have that has a built-in strainer in front of  the spout on the inside.  It's made for loose tea rather than tea bags.  It gets used a lot.
     Next is a little house.  I can't remember where it came from, but Em insisted that it was too cute to stay home from the party.
     The solid white pot with the tall lid was a wedding present.  It is part of the set of everyday dishes that Mr. H and I picked out 30 years ago.
     In the center is the pot that goes with our current dishes.  I have loved Blue Willow dishes since I read a book about a Blue Willow plate when I was in elementary school.  My mom gave the tea pot to me for Christmas one year.
     The plain white pot to the right of the Blue Willow is the most basic pot I own.  It's just a blue speckled pot, but it's got a very friendly feel to it.  It's heavy and not fancy so there's no fear of breaking an heirloom.  I just really like this pot.
     Take a close look at the next pot.  About 19 years ago a friend of mine was getting married and she invited me to be her matron of honor.  She gave me this pot as a gift.  When I first pulled it out of the box, the lid was was not on it.  Honestly, it looked like a baby's behind!

     The white pot with pink flowers belonged to my Grandmother Louise.  Recently, I found a pattern for a knitted teapot cozy.
I finished it while I was in Peru last week, without a teapot to try it on for fit.  The pot from my eldest and the speckled pot were both too "puffy" (a term we heard from our translators in Peru for those a bit round around the middle!)  But it fits perfectly on the flowered pot. :)

     The last pot, the one with the magnolia on it, is pretty. It also has a label on the bottom warning you that it will last longer if you use hot water rather than boiling water in it.  Really?  I guess that's why the Chinese pot and the speckled pot had to have tea stains removed and this pot looks like it's never been used.  Think about it:  if you aren't supposed to make tea in it, is it really a tea pot?

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