Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wildlife Rescue

I like to set my 6 ferns under the edge of the roof to catch rain water when I can.  Since Em was mowing the yard, I watered them well and was in the process of hanging them back up on the porch.  It really is a process for me because it involves a reptile check.

I pick the fern up by the hook in a quick motion then check the grass underneath to make sure no serpents are lurking.  It has happened to me before and I am always expecting it to happen again.  While I'm looking in the grass, I shake the basket gently to dislodge anything that might be hanging on to the bottom of the basket.  (It could happen!!)  Then I hang the basket on the chain attached to the porch.

Today there were no serpents, but there were other critters.  When I picked up the 2nd fern, something moved.  It took me a few seconds to locate him, but this toad was hiding underneath.

And when I lifted the 5th basket, a little tortoise was hiding under it.  El has an turtle habitat in her room, so we're used to this kind of critter.  This one is much smaller than her pets.  I got her to put her hand in the picture for size reference.

So that they wouldn't be accidentally run over by the mower, I asked El to move them to the shade under the tree across the road.  She got a box and lifted the tortoise inside.  When it came to the toad, she was less eager to touch it.  I got him corralled into the box with his new friend and she carried them to the tree.

 The toad was trying to get out the entire time she carried the box.  When she set the box down, I was ready to take a picture as she took the cover off.  I wasn't quick enough!  That toad was ready to get out.  In the process, he upset the tortoise who had to be assisted from the box.

If you look at the picture below, you can see the toad as a slightly darker spot in the center.  He didn't want to hang around any longer than he had to.

 The tortoise may still be sitting in the same spot in the shade.  He was not in any hurry to get away.