Sunday, September 2, 2012

Science Gone Wrong

After VBS this past summer, I bought a big plastic tote to keep all the supplies together:  batteries, magnets, test tubes, vortex generators, you science stuff.  This morning I went into the room where the tote is stored.  I noticed that there appeared to be condensation on the inside of the tote.  My first thought was that it was hurricane related.  We did have a leak in the building, but it didn't effect that room.  There is enough paper stored in that room to assure me that there had to be another explanation.

I took the lid off the tote and knew there was trouble.  Two white lab coats were packed at the top.  Well, I should say, formerly white lab coats.  They were speckled with black mildew.  Ewww!  The folder of notes was warped and soggy.  The box containing the magnets and eddy current tube was saturated.  I don't even know what condition the 6 volt batteries are in.  They are in the very bottom, so I suspect they are toast.

When I picked up the gallon jug of bubble solution, it dripped on the floor.  I don't know if it was smashed by the lid of the tote.  I don't think the pressure from Hurricane Isaac was low enough to burst the jug.  If anything, it would have just popped the top off.

So now my task for Monday Tuesday afternoon is laid out.  I need to see what is salvageable and what is a lost cause. I suppose if the lab coats don't come clean, I can always tie-dye them.  Now there's an idea...

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  1. The lab coats are white again. One washing with bleach then another washing after spraying with Tilex. I just hope the other equipment fares as well.