Friday, November 13, 2009

Odds and Ends

This morning I had to take a walk across the compound to set out some things. Along the way, I passed under at least 6 pecan trees. I stopped and picked up a handful under the first tree. They were long and narrow and had thin shells.

When I stopped under the last tree and looked down, I was surprised to see how different the pecans under my feet were from the ones in my hand. I picked up a few of the tiny pecans (which I haven't been able to crack yet--I need tools!)

On my way back, I looked closely at the other pecans I passed. One tree produced fat, round pecans and another tree made something smaller.

I don't think I ever realized that there were so many different kinds of pecans. The trees themselves look very similar, yet the fruit is so different. But even in their differences they are all still pecans. We, as Christians, are called by the same name, but our fruit is all different. And if we bear no fruit, should we even be called Christians?

While I was out, I also took more building pictures. In the first one below, the white crane is lifting a steel beam. The last one gives us an idea of the shape of things.

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