Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just Peachy!!

Mr. H's dad could grow anything.  He brought some peach trees to George County when we moved up here. 
 As I was mowing grass this week, I noticed that the trees were bending under the weight of their fruitfulness.Most of the peaches aren't quite ripe yet, but they are at the stage where we need to check them every day.
We found a few that were ripe (about 20) and decided that peach cobbler was on the menu for the evening. Once they were peeled and quartered, I had exactly 4 cups, just what the recipe called for.

I've never seen a cobbler recipe that called for baking the peaches for a bit before the batter goes in, but this one did.
The final product was yummy and not bad looking, either.

Next week:  peach preserves!

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