Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Work Chair

My eldest and I were having a discussion recently about her father.  The man can do just about anything. The Creator's Spirit is definitely alive in him.

He does woodwork.  There are several pieces of furniture in our house that were designed and constructed by him.  The mantle over our fireplace and the built-in that houses our music and movies were all made by him.  We have a canoe that he built, too.

His father thought we needed a welding machine, so he learned to do that, too.

His most recent project has been to replace the home-office chair he uses on his work-from-home days.  The old one was uncomfortable and made lots of noise.  He had an idea to use one of the seats from a car that he had over in the shop (just the seats, not the whole car.)  We're not exactly sure what kind of car they came from.  Mr. H thinks his friend said they came from a Ford Probe.  Anyway, the pair of bucket seats has been over in the shop for several years now. Don't ask me why:  I have no idea.

So he cut the old chair off the casters, whose wheels he had replaced last year.  Then he welded supports on the underside of the seat to weld onto the caster base.  Pretty good looking office chair, huh?

Then he welded the arm rests from the old chair back onto this one and painted the metal parts on the bottom.

This man amazes me.

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