Friday, August 6, 2010


I find it odd that a copy of the classroom guidelines for a class at the middle school requires my signature.  I am not the one required to enter the room quietly, or sharpen my pencils and throw away my trash before the tardy bell.  I will not be turning in papers to the appropriate area (or any area).  I will probably never see the class activities posted on the front board.

Why does this list require the parent's signature?  Will the teacher complain to me if my child doesn't go quietly and immediately to her appropriate seat or if she talks with people in other work groups?  I would much rather the matter be discussed with my child, the student.  Are there really parents out there who do not expect their children to be polite and co-operative members of society in general?  Do they really have to have it spelled out for them how people are expected to act while in public?

My word!!


  1. Unfortunately, alot of the teachers don't expect much from their students, especially since discipline in most schools is a joke.

  2. Misty, Many kids don't know how to behave since their parent's don't think their children have to respect authority. So the teacher's have to send the expectations home so that when the child gets in trouble and the parent comes up to the school screaming and yelling at the teacher their is proof that the Child and the parent understood the rules. Being on the side of the desk where the yelling occurs is NO fun. And like you said...there are some things you shouldn't have to write a note home about, but you do have to write it because for some reason some people don't think common sense and manners apply to their children. Believe me...the teacher is grateful for parent's who think the note is a waste because they know your child will behave.