Saturday, September 18, 2010


It seems lately that I've been consumed by several things.

But those things are just about done.

I've been making Spanish skirts for some of the girls in the pit to wear for the "Images of Spain" halftime show.  The skirts are all done, with the exception of the elastic being permanently adjusted.  I can't seem to catch up with those 2.  I had some fabric left over from each skirt, so I started thinking about what to do with it.  (I hate stuff going to waste.)  Realizing that I neglected to put pockets in the skirts, I felt that providing something to carry a wallet, phone and keys in might be helpful.  Here's my solution:
 They are backpack bags made to match each skirt.  Since the girls will be wearing black shirts, I made the straps out of black ribbon.  They'll still have free hands to get all their equipment into the stadium, and won't have to worry about dropping anything.  I made the yellow, blue and green skirts.  The grandmother of sisters made the orange and red skirts.  I got them to bring me their leftovers!

Em had a friend come home with her after the band yard sale today.  They made cupcakes for their Sunday School class.  They saw this idea and went with it.  The eyes are miniature chocolate chips and the mouth is made with the same canned icing that the cupcakes are iced with.  We added red food coloring and, since it was too runny to stay in a shape, we added powdered sugar.  We put the ingredients in a sandwich bag, squished it up and cut a tiny whole in one corner.  Then, all you have to do is squeeze it out into whatever design you want.

The goofy face was an accident.  Once they realized that perfection wasn't required, they got creative!
Em made the vampire.

It's been a long week, with our revival most of the week and opening the new building for Sunday School tomorrow.  This evening was fun and I finished up several projects.

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