Friday, September 10, 2010

Pictures from the New Building

Here are pictures from the new building.  This first one is of the children's reception area looking through 2 windows out onto Main Street.

These next pictures are from some of the classrooms.  This one with yellow/orange walls will be the home of our 6th graders.  There are 10 of those bean bag chairs in this room.  
Then there's this wild zebra, purple and green room.  Actually, an adult class will be meeting here on Sunday mornings, but on Wednesday nights, the GA's will LOVE this place!!!
The preschoolers have some awesome spaces to hang out in, too.  Every wall in the preschool area has cool stuff to do and cool stuff to look at.
This room is where I'll be on Sunday mornings.  It is going to be the class called Agricola Kids.  It is here especially for kids with special needs.   As far as I know, we'll be the first class of this kind in George County.
Below is a shot looking out from the stage in the children's worship theater.  It is currently set up for revival mid-day services next week.  Tables and chairs on the hard floor in the back and just rows of chairs up front on the carpet.
Here's part of the stage set-up in the worship theater. 
 To the left of the tall table and stools... this great red couch.

I can't wait to see the first FX (Family eXperience) Production!


  1. Misty-Thanks for posting the pictures. Can't wait to see everything in person. Mother talked and talked about how nice it is and how proud she is that "Agricola has something like this"! She enjoyed the lunch yesterday. We are thanking God that the weather is such that she can get out on her own confidently for morning services. Kathy Anderson

  2. Kathy, I sat with your mom at lunch today.

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