Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Mother of Invention

The girls are playing one of their favorite games.  We've had it a long time.  Can you tell what game it is?
 Here's a close-up of the board:
 That's right!  It's Clue.  We've had it so long that we've lost several of the playing pieces.

So they have scrounged around the house to find substitutes.  I believe this sword (that is standing in for the knife) once belonged to an action figure of Aragorn, son of Arathorn.  Looks like it's being wielded by Mrs. White in the dining room.
Standing in for Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum in the Lounge are yellow and purple erasers.  Mr. Green is also represented by an eraser somewhere else on the board.
When you don't have what you need, sometimes you use what you have...

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  1. Hey! Glad to see your girls have a Clue. So many young people today don't have a Clue, glad to see yours do!

    btw, if I were you I'd interrogate Mrs Jones about those missing pieces...

    Belated Buon Natale e un Nuovo Anno Felice!
    Tanti Auguri,
    Bill e LeAnn