Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spanish Art

Today we spent much of the day at Castillo de St. Marcos in St. Augustine.  It was built by the Spanish from 1672 to 1695.

The Spanish turn everything into a work of art.
This sword hilt is beautiful.

 The towers in the corners of the bastions are so graceful to look at.  (Mr. H isn't bad, either, but he's not Spanish.)
 Look at the detail on this mortar.
 You wonder about putting this much creativity on something built for destruction.
They even have names engraved on them.
 In an otherwise uniform curtain wall, the entrance to the Chapel of St. Mark is very distinctive.
What a beautiful piece of history.

Just imagine if we put the same attention to detail into everything we did.  What if we tried to make everything we created a thing of beauty?  Something to strive for, isn't it?

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