Monday, May 9, 2011

Car Trick

This is so WEIRD!!

We are big Top Gear fans at our house.

Not too long ago we watched an episode with this segment in it:

Something about the way they filmed it made me think it was a trick.

Tonight we watched another episode filmed after the one above.  People were writing in with possible explanations for the bizarre phenomenon.

That did it.  We had to go outside and try it.

Mr. H got the remote for the Speed 3 and the entire family went out into the yard.  He found the distance where the signal was apparently out of range.  Several tries and nothing.  He held it to his head and it worked!  Then he moved about half that distance again away  and held it to his head:  it STILL worked!  He took off to the edge of the road, which was about twice the initial out-of-range distance, held the remote to his head and IT STILL WORKED!!


I dare you....

1 comment:

  1. We are huge Top Gear fans at our house, too! I would have attributed it to the fact that Jeremy Clarkson's head is like an echo chamber, thereby serving as a natural amplifier. But I have no evidence of that with Mr. H. :)

    Question: did you try it? Does it work with anyone or just men? We have an old car with no remote, so we can't test the theory.

    The Vietnam episode is my favorite. I have it on my iPod. I watch it a lot.