Friday, May 17, 2013

frustrating morning

I went out for my run/walk this morning.  To my surprise, I ran all the way to the end of our lane.  That's almost a half mile with a steep uphill at the end.  Somewhere just past that, there is a dead skunk.  I think the skunk picked a nice final resting place because later, on the way back, I smelled something like honeysuckle just before the skunk took over.

A fox and I almost had a close encounter.  I turned the corner and there he was.  We both checked up momentarily, then he continued his run into to the woods and I kept to the road.  Somewhere at the bottom of the hill, I realized that my phone app hadn't called out the mile.  I first suspected that it was still on silent from the night before (Em's Top 20 Banquet.)  I looked and saw that somehow I had paused it almost immediately after I started.  I was not pleased.  I had never run that entire length of our lane before.  I turned it back on and kept on.

I try to run facing any oncoming traffic.  That way cars don't sneak up behind me on my side of the road.  At one point I heard a car behind me and could see one ahead of me.  I kept waiting for the one behind me to pass, but it didn't.  I looked back and it turned into a driveway.  But there was one just behind it.  It never passed either.  The oncoming car was still in front of me and I don't know what the guy behind was doing.  I ended up getting over into the ditch because it didn't look like the car in front of me wanted to drive too close.

About  then is when I picked up a satellite.  Something that buzzed started to orbit me.  I don't know if it was a bee or a deer fly, but I didn't want to be stung or bitten by either.  At times like that you understand the wisdom of breathe in through the nose.  I didn't want to consume the buzzing moon.  I figured it would have a harder time being inhaled than swallowed.

Today's run/walk was recorded as .8 mile shorter than Wednesday's, but it was exactly the same distance.  The map looks like I jumped over two houses.  But I just walked/ran while the app wasn't looking.

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