Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thinking about Cows

I pass a lot of cows on my commute every morning. Let me rephrase that-- I pass a lot of cow pastures. The cows are not on the road. At least not very often. Anyway... I noticed something the other day as I drove past a large herd: The majority of this herd was facing the same direction. Of over at least one hundred cows, only about 10 individuals were not facing east. I've seen seagulls do the same thing in parking lots and on the beach. It has to do with which way the wind is blowing and not getting their feathers ruffled. I wonder why the cows do it. Cowhide is not nearly as susceptible to ruffling as feathers are.
This morning there was a considerable amount of frost on the ground. The cows were grazing anyway. I wonder if cows prefer grass slushies to warm grass. (the majority were facing northeast this time.)

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