Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Great Quail Roundup

Things happen at rural churches that just aren't covered in any seminary class. Take today, for instance: a herd (or flock) of quail over-ran the church property. Probably 200 of the little birds running around. They escaped from an enclosure 2 doors down from the church. Mr. Davis raises them. I found out about the escape after I noticed several odd episodes.

I was sitting in my office when I heard a muffled crunch coming from outside. It was immediately followed by a disappointed-sounding exclamation. I looked out and saw Bro. D carrying a very large box. I assumed (in error) that he had been carrying it and the bottom fell out. That scenario seemed to fit the noises I had heard.

I didn't think too much more about it until a bit later when Mark came into my office. He stood in front of my desk to tell me something and then looked out the window behind me and started laughing. Our maintenance guru was outside and had made an odd noise. Mark showed me the action that went with the sound and it reminded me of something the 3 Stooges would do! Nick came down the hall and someone mentioned the escaped quail. I decided I needed to see this first hand.

The maintenance guru had already rounded up and returned most of the herd, but a few stragglers remained. He and Dusty had tried to trap several by placing a large box over them together. (Judging by the sound I heard earlier, I don't think they had much luck!) The 3 Stooges act outside my window was a result of him thinking he had a bird cornered and it flying up in his face. At that point it had run into the hedges lining the driveway. Well, there were 5 of us and only one little bird. We started beating the hedge, trying to drive it out. Nick spotted the bird at the base of one bush. We surrounded it and the guru grabbed it, proving that a bird in the hand really IS better than 2 in the bush!

Apparently, we missed at least one. This evening when I got to the church at 5:30 for a rehearsal, I saw one about 5 yards in front of where I parked. When I pointed it out to the girls, they immediately jumped out of the car and ran up to the bird. I disappeared into the hedges!

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