Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Sound of Ministry

The annual GA Mother/Daughter sleepover is this weekend. The leaders are in a frenzy of decorating, transforming our fellowship hall into a beach side retreat. The room is ALIVE with activity. It is literally buzzing in there. Girls from our church look forward to this event every year. Even after they are too old to be GA's, they still volunteer to come work at this event with the younger girls. Em and El will be there, helping and having a ton of fun. Last year my 20 year old and her best friend came down from Starkville to take part. There is something about Girls in Action at ABC that draws them back long after the 6th grade.

I can't help but think it's the love they feel from their leaders, especially Ms. Connie. The woman is simply AMAZING!!

**Note: 1/29/10 - I just discovered that I had never posted this after I created the draft last Thursday. I think I was intending to add photographs, but apparently never took any. Better late than never.

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