Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lunch Hour Walk

Today at lunch I went for a walk. I was actually quail hunting! Not with a gun, though. I was just wondering if the little bird we saw last night was still hanging around.

The white building below is where the birds belong.

I didn't see any quail but I did see a trio of little chicks out for a stroll.

In front of this group of plants is where I saw the quail last night. I looked around the edges, but there is no way I'm foraging a path into this: sago palms bite. (Not to mention the legendary snake Beelzebub has been seen in this hedgerow!)

I guess I've never really looked inside a Sago palm before. Very interesting. Looks like new potatoes.
And there was a lizard hiding in there.
Look just above the "potato" in the bottom center of the picture. He is hiding in a crease with just his head sticking out. He is brown with a white jaw and his nose is pointing to the left.

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