Thursday, December 6, 2007

George County Rebels, We Believe!

I had to go to town today to take L for a checkup. Everywhere I looked, there it was: support for our team. At the banks, at the grocery store, on professionally printed banners as well as hand printed ones, spelled out in plastic cups stuck in the chain link fences around the elementary and middle schools.

The State Championship game is tomorrow night in Jackson, and I think George County (in its entirety) will be there to cheer on our guys. The schools are all closing at 12:30 and most of the businesses are shutting down at 2:00. EVERYONE is headed north to War Memorial Stadium. There are several chartered buses, lots of church vans, and an uncountable number of private vehicles that will be traveling up 98 to 49 and then into the city of Jackson. College kids that were at George County in recent years are taking a break during exams to be there for the big event. I don't know if we'll win. I hope so. But I think right now, for most of us, this is a chance to be together, to be united, to be part of something bigger than ourselves. And we love it!

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