Saturday, December 8, 2007

What a Weekend

We're finally home.
This weekend started early Friday morning and we're not finished yet. We started out by feeding the GC Rebels early that morning. (The Bulldog in me forces me to qualify our Rebels with the "GC") Those boys can put away some groceries. Our pastor, Dr. T, took some pictures of the event. You can see them here. While I was in town I took some pictures of the local support.
This sign is made out of red cups pressed into the holes in the chain-link fence at the Middle School. I figured while I was in town, I'd pick up check M out of class. As it turned out, it was a good thing. While I was in the hall waiting for her, Mr. H called from Atlanta saying that he couldn't locate his keys. They might be in his checked baggage, but if they weren't, he needed a ride home from the Mobile airport in about 2 hours. So M and I took some pictures around town.

This vehicle was parked at the Sonic.

McDonald's was showing its local spirit and so were some of vehicles in the drive-thru.

Our church had a message for the team, too.

and so did my van.

We picked up L at the elementary school and headed for the airport. We picked up Mr. H (no keys) and came home so he could the unpack the big suitcase he took to Boston and pack the overnight bag for the trip to Jackson. He was home for about 30 minutes!

We saw lots of vehicles with "We Believe" written on them on Hwy 98 and Hwy 49. We saw some friends from another church when we stopped to get gas in H'burg. Rocky Creek Baptist brought 2 vans.
Being in the stadium in Jackson was a lot like being at Gill Martin Stadium in Lucedale. I saw all the same people. We just had more room to spread out at War Memorial Stadium. Our eldest and her buddies from MSU drove down from Starkville after exams. She even had some friends drive up from LSU. Mr. H took this picture from the South Panola side of the horseshoe.
I wish we would have won the game, but it was a great game anyway. I didn't hear any bad things said about our boys. They gave it their all. They played hard all the way to the very last second on the clock. They didn't give up when they were behind 21-0 at halftime. In fact, they won the 2nd half of the game, scoring 21 points, while SP only put 7 points up in the 2nd half.

We spent the night with my mom in Brandon and drove home this afternoon. We had to be a the rehearsal for our Christmas musical at 3:00. We dropped off the girls and headed to church. Mr. H as a wonderful solo near the end. He's a great singer, if I do say so myself. He's also playing the offertory in both services tomorrow morning, so I'm on my own teaching the Sunday School lesson.
I need to get going now, but I wanted to let everyone know how the game went and how much fun everyone had in spite of the final score.

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  1. Mr. P. and I watched the game on PBS. The Rebels played an excellent game. They have a lot to be proud of.