Monday, December 10, 2007

the season's heating up

In more ways than one.
It was 80 degrees outside today!
And I'm supposed to go to a Christmas meal tomorrow night. I still haven't decided. The church staff party for Thursday night has been postponed because 2 kids of the adults involved have a band concert (M is 1 of those kids) and 1 kid has a basketball game. We are rescheduling for Monday. We're having surf, turf and bird. I'm providing the baked potatoes. My oven will cook 40 at a time. I probably won't be fixing that many this time, but I know I can when the occasion calls for it!
So next Monday I have a function, then I have to fix pigs-in-blankets for L's party on Wednesday.
I have no idea if we are going anywhere or if anyone is coming here for Christmas. Sometimes I just feel like drifting with the current.

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