Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great Day of Community

Today was another first at Agricola Baptist Church. It was called the Great Day of Community. Click here to see an explanation on Dr. T's blog, along with pictures of one venue. My girls M & L were at the Quick Stop pumping gas and washing windshields.

It's really neat to be in the presence of people who know how to get things done. Our group was working on the house of an older couple in the neighborhood. Two of the guys in our group are builders by vocation. Robert and Mark arrived with all the tools they needed. They had tool belts for holding nails and hammers, and they had saw horses and nail pullers and little things that lifted the upper row of siding so you could slip the lower one under it. Mr. H and I had hammers and Mr. H brought a miter saw and 2 extension cords. Mitchel had a pickup truck so we could tote plywood and a roll of roofing felt. It's hard to do a good job if you don't have the proper tools or the proper know-how. My job was following orders and making a shopping run to Agricola Hardware. We didn't have quite enough siding to finish the job today, but we're ordering more to go back and finish later.

Mr. Frank was so glad to see us drive up this morning. He told us about the house, built in 1953. The rose bushes on the north side were planted the same year. They still bear white roses every year. He also showed me his garden: Collards are big with pretty yellow flowers on top, butterbeans and peas are just peaking through. And then he asked if I liked onions. He pulled up about 5 handfuls of onions for me to take home. Mr. H made french onion soup for dinner tonight. It really was a great day.

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