Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a Week!

Wow, have I been busy! You never realize how much the phone rings around here until you're the one answering it. Our church secretary has had to be out to take care of family members (my last week was Nothing compared to Hers!) I haven't really done any of her other work, but after answering the phone and doing mine, there's not much time left!

Our Eldest is home for spring break. Last night was Poetry Night for L, and band contest is coming up for M. Mr. H flew to Cincinnati yesterday. Personally, I'm glad it snowed up that way because it convinced him not to ride his motorcycle. That would have kept me up at night until he was back home.

We had to order door handles for both back doors on our minivan. They'll open from the outside, but not from the inside: rather like child locks without the option to turn it off. The handles are in so now I just have to work in time to go to the dealership in Mobile. Hopefully, the eldest and I can make a day of it.

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