Monday, April 28, 2008

Leaving Out the Best Part

I have to take issue with our Sunday School lesson this past Sunday. Not that I disagreed with anything that was written in the lesson. It's just that the writers left out the best part. The lesson was taken from the account of the reconciliation of Jacob and Esau. (Genesis 32 & 33) I realize that when an account takes up 2 whole chapters, you can't possibly cover every verse in the time given for most Sunday Schools. but they left out the BEST part completely.

For 11 verses (Genesis 32:22-32), Jacob is face to face, hand to hand with God! (Can you picture it!) And they just skipped over it. What happens later is SO connected with that encounter, but we barely mentioned it, and that mention was only because it's my favorite part of the story.

Now let's apply that observation: How many times do big things happen to us....sometimes happy things, sometimes sad things, but things that are big markers along our lifeline? We almost always tell people about them, the big things I mean. We share our happiness, our sorrow. But how often do we share the encounter with our Creator that came just before or just after. And if you are a true child of God, that encounter was there. Did you miss it? Or are you afraid of what people will say? One way to pass our legacy on to our children is to let them know what is going on in our relationship with the Creator. Don't miss a literally God-given opportunity.

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  1. Amen sister. I like the new look. I'm enjoying the blog. Let's continue trying to be salt and light to the MRBA. I hate that I went a little political. I just have a hard time hearing them bash our president. I don't think he is perfect but I do believe that he is a believer. Have a great night.