Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Cookies

We made Christmas cookies last night. My recipe had a few lines at the bottom for something called "cookie paint" which is egg yolk and food coloring. I was skeptical, but it's wonderful stuff. After they bake, the colored part is very shiny. (Paint before baking)

We started out with angels and snowflakes before we discovered the cookie paint.

Here are a few of our happy little cookie people, posing in front of my gingerbread house teapot. I can't really call them gingerbread people when they are made of sugar cookie dough.

Here's Mr. Bill and a guy from the Blue Man group. M made the Blue Man. Mr. Bill was my idea.
L made this guy with the rosy cheeks. He had a slight accident and needed the walking stick. Um......well......he had several more accidents and can't be found anymore. Must be a relative of Mr. Bill.

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  1. I'm glad you cleared up the blue man for me. He was looking black to me. Those are funny! Cute, but funny.