Saturday, December 27, 2008

On the Road Again...

We took a walk through Mr. H's sister's neighborhood while we were in Phoenix. Her neighbors are serious about their decorations, even though the yards are not big enough to turn our lawn mower around in. (Their yards are rock gardens: no mower necessary.)

We left Phoenix this morning about 8. On our way out of town, we passed the stadium where the Cardinals play.Saguaro "sah-wah-roh" cacti grow everywhere in Phoenix. Once we got into California, we stopped seeing them. I believe they are the most alien plant life I've ever seen.

We made really good time getting to Los Angeles. We took I-10 from Phoenix to its end at Santa Monica Pier. I have now been on both ends of I-10. On our way home, we plan on taking I-10 all the way home. Then I can say that I've been on every mile of I-10!! This is the view of downtown LA from the interstate.

We went to the beach after we got something to eat. L and M couldn't resist walking in the Pacific, even though it was cold. L wasn't expecting the water to get to her just yet!!

We got to the beach late in the afternoon. We walked quite a bit and climbed on rocks. We watched the sun set into the Pacific Ocean. We watched for the green flash, but it just wasn't there today. I wish we had more pictures from the beach, but we took so many pictures, that both my and the eldest's camera batteries died not too long after we got there. She did however last a bit longer than me and got a picture of a pelican that landed on the beach right in front of L. I'll have to get it from her and post it. I love pelicans. They are my favorite bird.

(update: I just copied it from her Facebook photo album.)

We're going back to the beach tomorrow and will also go to the Star walk and see if we can get a picture of the Hollywood sign. We saw it from the interstate, but it was too far away to photograph. Monday is Disney day.

Good evening from the West Coast. Be back tomorrow.


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