Friday, December 19, 2008

Early Christmas

Since we'll be leaving before daylight tomorrow, we celebrated Christmas with Mr. H's mom and our eldest's boyfriend last night. It was in the 70's outside so instead of a fire in the fireplace, we had to open all the windows to catch a breeze. With all the running around I had to do the past few days, I did not try to cook anything. We ordered pizza from the little grocery just down the road. It was wonderful. Nothing to clean up, no leftovers to store. (Actually, there were 2 pieces of pizza left, but Mr. H has already consumed them for lunch today, so I'm good.)

I think everyone was happy with their gifting. I got a glass cake dish with dome from Sr. Mrs. H, a beautiful silvery-gray shawl from L and a hand-made mosaic H to hang on the wall from the eldest. The camera, Nintendo DS, 2 DS guitar hero games, and Vera Bradley purse (which was delivered just hours before the celebration: perfect) were all happily received. Mr. H already had his windscreen and he's probably going to buy mine when I see something I want on the trip.

Today, we're washing, packing, cleaning the van, double checking what we need to take. That includes chargers for phones and cameras, power supplies for everthing that will plug in. We have an inverter that plugs into the jacks in the vehicle allowing devices that plug into regular wall outlets to plug into it. Nifty!


  1. 70 degress. Nothing like Christmas in Mississippi. Y'all have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  2. yall have a good trip :) Be safe traveling