Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Clean Up at Hotel Bethlehem

Sunday night at church the children's choir presented the musical "Hotel Bethlehem."

There was a doorman, a bellhop, several maids, hotel manager, stable boy/valet, and the paying guests. It was one of the best written children's musicals I've seen in a long time. And I think we had something we've never had before at ABC: a dance/interpretive movement.

L had the part of Phoebe, a visitor from the east (she was a fashion statement from New York City: sparkly purse, high heel black boots and a great hat!) And she had 2 solos which were wonderful, especially the jazzed up version of "O Little Town of Bethlehem." Here she is with one of her best buds (the doorman, minus the top hat and white gloves she had on earlier.)All that being said, what everyone remembers is how it ended. The stableboy/valet got too hot in his dinner jacket over the bible costume and, after a flawless performance with included a major speaking part and several singing solos, ended the production by running down the aisle with his hands over his mouth, headed for the bathroom.

Somehow, I missed that part!!

And so did my eldest!

So we watched the DVD last night after M's band concert, anxiously awaiting the moment we missed in the live performance.

We watched that musical, carefully concentrating on the stableboy/valet, looking for signs of emminent disaster. We see toward the end that he isn't swaying back and forth. We see him, at the end of the last song, taking the dinner jacket off. We see the speaker that was in the line of fire. We are waiting for the "big finish" that everyone else saw....

And then the screen goes blue!!!!!! That part was edited out! We were all so disappointed!! However, I suppose it's for the best. No one wants to be remembered for spewing at the Christmas program and end up on America's Funniest Home Videos.


  1. Poor child. My daughter tripped coming down the stage steps at her 8th grade graduation. She fell down on her knees. We have it on video for her to remember always. Somehow I don't think she'd forget even if it wasn't on video.