Friday, February 20, 2009

Keyboard Cleaning Attire

Black jeans are NOT the approved attire when blowing the dust out of one's keyboard!

They become covered in little white fuzzballs which can only be removed with a damp cloth. Then the aforementioned black jeans become damp and cold, leading to an unnatural attraction on the part of the jeans wearer for the heater under the desk.



  1. Aren't you by yourself on Fridays? At least no one else will see them. :)

  2. There has been a steady stream of the guys (all church members, so not strangers) working on the internet connection for the other building. They managed to cut the phone line (several times) and a water line in the process of running the cable. I think they've got it though, because I saw a test print page on my printer after lunch that came from the Worshiproom-PC. Hooray!!!