Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Miss Patty Cake

I had to go by Wal-Mart this morning on an errand for school. While I was checking out, a lady with a little girl in the buggy got in line behind me. I'm always watching kids in buggies (I guess it's a 'mom' thing) and I noticed that this child was wearing what at first I thought was a Christmas outfit. She had on red and white striped stockings and a matching turtleneck and over that was a green jumper. When the child turned around, I realized that it wasn't a Christmas outfit at all. It had 3 big pockets: 1 heart and 2 hands.

I couldn't help myself: "Ohhh, a Miss Patty Cake dress! I've never seen one for little girls before. How cute!" The mom beamed!

Having 3 girls of my own, who have at one time or another possessed every Christian children's video ever published, I know Miss Patty Cake very well. Her dress has 1 heart and 2 hands on the pockets. She's rather like Barney the purple dinosaur with a Christian emphasis.

As much as I'm thankful for artists like Miss Patty Cake, I am so glad that my girls have grown to like music that is a little more mature. They still like Christian music, but now it's more Barlow Girl , NewSong or Third Day than Miss Patty Cake.

P.S. Third Day is one of MY favorites, too. I could listen to Mac Powell sing all day!


  1. I LOVE Mac Powell but I have never heard of nor seen Miss Patty Cake.

  2. I was thinking I put a link to her in there, but I didn't.

    It's there, now.

  3. Third Day and Brandon Heath will be at USM March 22.