Saturday, February 28, 2009

Indiscriminate Recollections from Today

(Note: "random" is an overused term, in my estimation, so I looked up synonyms. Along with indiscriminate, the word promiscuous was listed. That gave me a chuckle.)

Today has been such a nice day. Not so much weatherwise, but pleasantly occupied. I got to spend the morning in Mobile with Mr. H, which is always nice. We went several places, the last of which was Lowe's. It started to rain as we had picked up the last of the things on his list. And then it was raining so hard it was hard to hear. Since we weren't in any hurry to check out yet, he reminded me of an article I had mentioned to him yesterday. The writer (a baker) had lined the upper and lower racks of his oven with ceramic floor tiles (scroll to the bottom of this linked page) to duplicate and expand the effect of a pizza stone. What a cool idea! So we headed to the flooring section. We wasted just enough time deciding that we probably had enough leftover from our shower walls for the rain to stop. And we did: they are washed and installed!

I've been experimenting with sourdough the past week and had 2 loaves turn out well last night. The next baking will include a bit more salt and a little less time in the oven. (As well as see the effect of the tiles.) After I put aside the amount of starter I'll need for next time, I still had a bit left. I knew I had read somewhere about making biscuits and pancakes with leftover, so we had sourdough biscuits for breakfast this morning. And we had enough left for pizza dough after nine biscuits filled up my skillet.

After the trip to Mobile, we each made little individual pizzas with exactly the toppings that each of us wanted.

L had pepperoni topped with cheese topped with more pepperoni.

M used pesto rather than regular sauce and topped it with mushrooms and cheese.

Mr. H and I had pepperoni and sauteed onions, mushrooms, red peppers and olives. This picture of mine was taken while it was still in the oven on top of the floor-tile stone.

I think the bright spot of my day had to be when Mr. H brought in the mail and there was a letter for me! It was a note from a good friend saying she loved me. I'm still smiling, Davina!

We even cleaned the range hood and it wasn't a chore because we did it together. Well... I did help some, but left in the middle to go take M to a party.

And L saved a fish from a certain flushing by offering to buy it from a friend. So now Lily lives on her dresser. I just hope she's still alive in the morning! (note to self: buy fish food on the way back from picking up M tonight.)

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