Monday, October 5, 2009

Band Contest and FROG

This weekend, I went to Oak Grove High School to see Em's first band competition. Jackson Academy was the first band after the supper break. I had never seen this done before. There were only 10 horns on the field along with the color guard and the pit on wheels in the back. The sound those 10 horns put out was very impressive.

One of our directors told me that they do an "inside show." That mat is the size of a gym floor. Pretty cool.
And now I must confess that I was so caught up in watching the bands on the field, that I forgot I had the camera in my hand. I never took a picture of George County's band! I'm such a bad mom...

I make it up next weekend at State contest in Gulfport.

Now, this next picture is specifically for a certain friend of mine and she will know exactly who she is.

I saw this guy as soon as I got out of my car at the church this morning. I have NEVER seen a tree frog this big. I'm surprised that his clinging abilities can overcome gravity! And everyone that came in that door this morning had the same question: "Did you see that FROG out there!?" He stayed in that spot for over 2 hours.

Isn't he gorgeous? Look at the underneath markings. Beautiful.


  1. There! I finally got in to comment on my BB!

    VERY cool frog!! I'm going to have to do some research on to figure out exactly what kind it is.

    Then again, maybe my alter ego wanted to visit your church?!?