Friday, October 16, 2009

Ozark Trip 1

Monday morning we realized that the bike trip wasn't happening.

It started raining on us Monday in Jackson about noon and we didn't see the sun again until a few hours ago (Friday).

Our plan was to visit some friends in Camden, AR, (which we did and had a great time!) and then to continue up Scenic Hwy 7 to Harrison, AR.

After a detour Tuesday morning to get to an unflooded part of Hwy 7, this was the scenery:

This is the wake sent up by the car as we drove over roads that were VERY wet.

The sign below shows you what we went on the trip for: twisty roads and changing colors.
For the first part of the trip it was just rain: sometimes light, sometimes heavy.

When the rain stopped, this is what we were driving in:
Actually, I've discovered that the camera sees through fog better than eyes do. We couldn't actually see that far down the road. We saw a sign that said we were passing by the Grand Canyon of the Ozarks, but we could barely see the sign and have no idea what the view was like.

On Wednesday, we took a trip to some of the local sights. Early on, we were driving in the clouds again, but eventually we were able to see the road. At one point we were almost run off the road by a large black bull running toward us in our lane. That made me glad that we were in the car and not on the bike! No pictures of the bovine - he was there and gone too quickly.

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