Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Like Christmas

I'm learning something new.

A few years ago for Christmas, Mr. H gave me a turntable that will digitize all those vinyl albums we have. (That's the same year I gave him a set of Emeril cookware!) We both got exactly what we asked for!

And as expected, he learned how to use the turntable, and I threw out the old cookware we had and started using Emeril's.


Today I am learning how to digitize albums. I've done one side of George Winston's "Autumn" (the September side) and at this moment the October side is recording. It's really nice, because I get to listen to it as it records. There really is no other way. I suppose I could turn the speakers off, but I'd forget what I was doing and the side would finish and just sit there.

After I get several albums recorded (Side 1 and Side 2), he's going to show me how to divide the long recording into individual tracks and then label them with the actual song name ("Stars" as opposed to Side 2 Track 3).

I'm so excited about learning how to do this. It's like Christmas all over again. This time I get to play with what was in the box instead of just open the box.

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