Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unofficial Cheese Street

This past Saturday, Mr. H and I went on a bike ride around George and Greene Counties. It always amazes me how many beautiful places there are, right here close to home.

And many strange, unexplained things, too......

On Brushy Creek Road, close to Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, I saw a green street name sign that read "Unofficial Cheese St."

I really did!

I have a friend who is a member of that church, so I asked her about it. She had never seen it, so she went looking.

She found it. She asked the lady who lives across the street from the odd sign about its origin.

No answers.

Now she's curious, too.

I would love to have a picture to add to this post, but alas, I have misplaced my camera in the last several days and have seen more things that need photographing than I ever see when that camera is safely in my purse.


  1. So, it was a sign erected by the county or like a hand made sign? curious.

  2. It looked very much like the county signs, but was slightly different (outlined in white, whereas the official street signs are green to the edges), but definitely professionally done.

    I found my camera this morning. If I can find my way there again, a picture may be forthcoming.