Monday, May 31, 2010

Super Heroes VBS

This week is a messy week at ABC.  
Vacation Bible School starts next Monday.  
Today, the transformation began.
Our rural locale is beginning to look like Metropolis or Gotham City.  

Things will be different this year at ABC.  We'll have 2 Worship Rallies:  one, first thing in the morning and the 2nd one will be the last thing before dismissal.  

In years past, I've lead the Music Rotation.  This year, there is no Music Rotation.  I'm helping with the Worship Rallies and then with whatever else needs doing.  One of the daily crafts involves origami, so I'll be helping there.  There is also a Mad Science Lab, which I am really looking forward to. : )

I've usually come up with different costumes to go along with the theme.  (One of my favorites was the kilt.  And the didgeridoo from last year is still in my office.)

This year, being the year of the Super Hero, I have made myself a Super Supplier costume.  I have a cape and a utility belt.

Here's a close up of my utility belt.  It's loaded with things you might need that I can supply you with:  pony tail doos (can you tell I have girls with long hair?), a magnifying glass, zip ties, a wrench, a sharpie, paper clips, a clothes pin, chewing gum,and a mouse trap.  On the other side that you can't see are a bottle of Germ-X, band aids, post-its, and some other stuff I can't remember.  I plan on adding a roll of duct tape and probably some other items, as well.

It's going to be a fun week!!

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