Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Beautiful Night

Last night was a beautiful night. I debated starting a fire in the fireplace, but it just wasn't cool enough. I did, however, move all the candles out so it'll be ready when we do decide it's cool enough. What to do with those candles? I put them on the table, around the teapot my eldest made for me. This picture is what it looks like this morning.

Last night, it looked magical. The sun was still up when I lit them and I didn't notice it getting darker outside. As we sat down to dinner, the only light came from these candles and the red glow from the setting sun. The view out the window was breathtaking..... and so was the view across the table. Sometimes I feel compelled to write down how a place or event looked. I think it's to enable me to go back there whenever I need to.

It's not often we can have uninterrupted conversations at our own dinner table. It is so memorable when it does happen. Tonight we will be 4 again, with all the conversation that comes with having girls back in the house. That will be memorable, too. And then next weekend, we will be 5 again. I love it when our eldest is able to be home with us.


  1. I am so glad you didn't mention "air filters"! Ha!

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