Monday, November 24, 2008

The Kid's Table

When I was growing up, the "kid's table" was a horrible thing. It was just my brother and me on both sides of the family. I was so glad when my grandmother moved to a new house with a bigger dining room that allowed all of us to sit together. I always wondered what it would be like to have lots of cousins to play with. I'm so thankful that my girls enjoy the company of their cousins on both sides of the family and always look forward to seeing them.

In my girls' lives, the kid's table is something completely different. Last night was a perfect example. Our church had its Harvest Supper at the local catfish house. Hook Line & Sinker provided the location and we brought the turkey & dressing and everything else that goes with Thanksgiving Dinner. When it came time to sit down with our family and friends, my 2 daughters made for the table of girls in the center of the room: essentially a kid's table. That is where they choose to be for special occasions. When we have a fellowship at the church fellowship hall, that same group of kids get their food and head for the children's library, which has a low table for them to eat on. They love to be together. That is the true meaning of fellowship.

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