Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ear Infection

L was practically in tears when I picked her up at school today. Her ear was hurting. She's gone from being drippy to stopped up and now I'm hoping her ear doesn't hurt so badly she can't sleep tonight. She's got a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. I do have some of the symptom-treating medicine that was prescribed for M last week. The nurse said that was fine.

.............Well, I started this post yesterday afternoon when we got home. I see that it is still sitting here on my laptop, in the compose mode rather than the published mode. So consider this an update of sorts.

After taking some drugs, L wanted to go to church last night after all. She just seemed very sleepy on the way there and back. She didn't wake up and come get me last night, so I guess it didn't get too bad. We'll see what the doctor says. Hopefully it won't take all day, because it's mentoring day.

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