Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Left Something Out

When I was indiscriminately remembering things yesterday, I left one out: Mr. H's new toy.
He has been wanting one for years, but never could justify the expense. As with most things electronic, the price comes down over time, so this weekend, he ordered an EWI (electronic wind instrument). For those of you that don't like/trust youtube, you can read about them here and here. For those of you who say "show me what it does," you can see a youtube video of Michael Brecker playing an EWI or this really cool video of an EWI-beatboxing duet.

Mr. H told me yesterday that he feels like a kid at Christmas. He is so excited.!It's being shipped by FedEx and should be here by Wednesday or Thursday. He is leaving next weekend for a week-long business trip to Los Angeles. He's anticipating taking it with him and practicing in the hotel (using ear plugs of course!) If it's not here by the time he leaves, he'll be heartbroken!

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