Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chips Ahoy

I made Jambalaya for dinner tonight. I had to make a trip to the produce stand to get an onion and a bell pepper first, though. While I was there, I saw some really nice tomatoes, so I got a basket. When I got home I wished I had picked up some chips, because those tomatoes were gonna make some great salsa. The girls decided that since they had experience making chips last week, they would do it again.

They also decided that they wanted round chips instead of the traditional triangles.
Little bitty balls of corn masa made the rounds you see to the left below.

Here are some on the griddle. (they tried going straight to the oil from the press, but it doesn't work well: they puff too much.)

After the griddle, they went to the oil.
(You can see one of the few triangles they made at first.)

Then to the paper towel to drain.

While they were doing the chip thing, I made salsa.

Very tasty!!


  1. The Next Food Network Star contestant, Jeffrey, should have taken notes from you. He used bought chips last week and got scolded.

  2. I love the way you show them pictures. Yummm!! we are all hungry now.